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KILLERWAXX Christmas Deal

This deal comprises of two of the most popular products from the KILLERWAXX range. The paste wax goes on like butter and comes off just as easy and complements dark coloured paints due to its coloured pigment. 

The Extremely Wet Colour Enhancer does exactly what it says on the bottle, and leaves your paintwork with a showroom 'wet' look. Simply apply and buff off. Save money from the RRP price when buying in this deal

CCC Mini Kit 40% Off!! NOW £39.99

This Mini Kit goes a long way to getting you paintwork in great condition. You'll receive a polish, a glaze and liquid wax plus an applicator pad to apply the products and a plush microfibre to buff them off! RRP £67.44, but now with over 40% Off at ONLY £39.99!

CCC Mini Kit includes:
KILLERWAXX Love Potion No.10 235ml
KILLERWAXX Purple Glaze Cream Wax 235ml
KILLERWAXX Nannerz Liquid Wax 235ml
Flexipads Pro Applicator (German)
Microfibre Edgeless Plush Finishing Cloth 450GSM 16"x16" Black

... only a few of these deals left now!


Hans Kloezen  
What do you do on a sunday....well shopping at CCC for some flairosol spray bottles. Saw a triple pack, and knew in the past they had a twin triple pack. Did'nt see them on the website. Asked about it on this FB page in PM. 10 minutes later they had twin triple backs back on the website and had send me the link in PM.. Someone need to bring that guy or girl a big fat cup of tea and a plate of biscuits   [Read more...]

Posted on Fri 30 March 2018